RWS Networks


RWS Networks provide key advice and consultancy in  Telecoms, IT and Internet projects.


Experience counts a great deal when you need expert advise and support in the planning, design and architecture, testing and operational roles within a major project.


Big or small, each project will need an experienced project manager that has had the experience and knowledge of a similar peoject and the best way to manage and successfully deliver all of the key tasks expected by the sponsoring project team.


RWS can match each requirement exactly to provide the right individual or team to each client to ensure success.


Our service does not stoip there, we provide initial scoping consultancy to enable you and us to fully understand the project deliverables.


Our experience has included projects in Europe, Middle East, Asia Pacific, USA and Africa.


Businesses can profit from properly managed projects and each area within a project needs its own areas of expertise and an overall programme manager.


Technical and project areas covered include:


Initial Scope and Investigations


Budget planning


Supplier tendering


Project and Programme Management


Design and Architecture


Operational Readiness Testing


Operations Systems



































Your first call for expert advise and consultancy in Telecoms, IT and Internet projects